Friday, October 28, 2011

On Goals, Failure, and Success

So, last week I set myself a pretty lofty goal.

I didn't make it.

I came close--and I like what I've got done so far, but in terms of the actual goal, all I got done was...

62% done!

So--in a way I failed. I didn't get the number of words that I wanted. But I did get the quality of words I wanted, and that's important, too. And that's a huge chunk that didn't exist a week before. 

But then again, I did make a bet. With y'all. I bet I'd get 100% done in my goal, and I only went a little over halfway. And so it's time to pay up.

At the beginning of the week, I said I'd give a signed copy of the paperback ACROSS THE UNIVERSE to someone who commented or tweeted this week. And the random winner is...

(who doesn't have an email address associated with her blog profile; 
Emily, please email me at bethrevis @ with a mailing address)

And even though I wasn't 100% successful with my goal this week, I do think it helped to set a goal. And I also rather liked doing the meter thing--I don't like it much with a whole project (it intimidates me, I'll be honest!) but with a smaller goal, the meter goes up faster. 

Same bet: if I don't make my goal, a random commenter or twitter-er will get a signed paperback of AtU.

Now I just have to start the new goal!

0% done!
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