Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Password Reveal--and prizes for EVERYONE!

Here's the deal:

Penguin wants to thank YOU for your awesome support of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. So rather than just giving you a clue...Penguin has decided to give you the whole password!

All you have to do to discover the password is go to the official Fan Page (you'll have to like it if you don't already) and click on the PASSWORD REVEAL link in the left sidebar.

The whole password is right there for you.


Penguin would really like to see the page get 5,000 likes. We're really close right now--at about 4,500. And as soon as we get 5,000 likes...Penguin's going to reveal the first chapter of A MILLION SUNS for EVERYONE to read. 

Only one person will win the prize pack I show here but everyone who enters the password will get the extra goodies on the password protected page...and if the Fan Page gets 5k likes, then everyone will get to read the first chapter, too!

AND GUYS GUYS GUYS. Remember how I kept saying that there are two lies in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE that are revealed to be lies in A MILLION SUNS? One of the lies is revealed in Chapter One. So if you want to know what that lie is--or if you want to see if you guessed that scientific "error" correctly--or if you want to know what the ship's going to be like now that Elder's in charge--all of that is in Chapter One.

Eeeeee!!!!! I can't wait for you to read it!

PS: If you are morally against Facebook or can't get on Facebook for whatever reason...the clues in the post below are enough to guess the password. I'll also give out one more clue by the end of the week.
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