Thursday, November 11, 2010

Across the World Tour: Come on back home!

WHEW! Talk about a wild adventure! If you've been following along with me all this week and last, then you've got to Africa, both Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia (I *tried* to get some Arctic adventures, but the polar bears don't have opposable thumbs or, um, blogs).

Have you been collecting letters? You have one last letter to get...and it's below. But before we get there, here's links to the other letters scattered across the blogosphere!

If you're missing any of the letters, the links below will take you 
directly to the post with the letter on each blog.

In reverse order:

I hope you had fun on the tour! I know I did--I loved learned all about everyone else's cool experiences. And I hope you enjoyed looking for all the clues and piecing together the password. 

But you're missing one last letter...

And that letter is...


That's it! You now have all the letters in the password. Rearrange them to make a simple, three word phrase (no spaces in the password, though), and you'll get access to the super-secret page (click on the telescope to find it) AND the entry form for the contest.

You must enter the contest by November 20th to be entered into the drawing!

And trust me--the prizes for this are awesome. Because Penguin totally hooked me up. Remember how I said I'd include something super-secret-special-rare if I could get my hands on it? If you're a fan of the Facebook page for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, then you've seen this:

YES. Penguin made a *handful* of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE watches (you can see more pics on the fanpage) and one person who enters the contest is getting one! 

And that's not all they're getting (tell them what else they're getting!):

Pin buttons featuring AtU art!


PS: For those of you who are curious, ten people got the code before the letters were all out! Congrats to you ten--you guys rock!
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