Saturday, November 6, 2010

Across the World Tour: The Lisa Part of LiLa

What Is All This?

To celebrate the launch of Across the Universe on 1-11-11, we're going Across the World with guest posts of adventures from all over the world! This is all a part of the Across the World Tour. First, read the world adventure below. Then, click through to the adventurer's blog to find a letter.

Why a letter? Because the letters--when unscrambled--form a password. And the password opens up the secret page (LOOK for it above). And on the secret page is lots of goodies--secret information about the origins of the book, hidden Easter eggs, and...a entry form to win a prize of a signed ARC of Across the Universe, star swag, and MORE.

Today's Adventurer

I know you've heard of LiLa. LiLa is the abbreviation for Lisa and Laura Roecker. These girls are the fantastic sisters behind the blog Laura and Lisa Write (isn't that the cutest background?) and they are a part of the uber-generous WriteOnCon. Oh, yeah, AND they are the joint minds behind the new 2011 YA mystery novel, THE LIAR SOCIETY. Hey, guess what. I've read this novel. AND IT IS AWESOME. You will not guess the end. I guarantee it. THE LIAR SOCIETY is "a quick-witted mystery starring a private-school sleuth with attitude and pearls who receives an email from her dead best friend" and will be available in March from Sourcebooks Fire.

Lisa majored in Marketing and English Lit at Miami University...and, oh, yeah, did a bit of study abroad as well...

Lisa in Luxembourg
I spent 6 months of my junior year of college living in Differdange, Luxembourg. Classes were held in a castle, I lived in a townhouse with a random host family and my two best friends and I knew approximately 30 phrases of broken French.

It. Was. Epic.

Technically our host family lived in Luxembourg City, so every morning my friends and I would take a bus to the train station and take a 30 minute ride out to Differdange where our classes were held.

Since we spent most nights looking like this:

We spent most mornings passed out on the train to school. One morning my classes started an hour earlier than everyone else’s, so I was riding the train solo. The night before had been a late one and I was a little…sleepy. The second I got on the train I found myself a comfy seat and passed out.

I slept. And I slept. And I slept.

Until I woke up.

In Germany.

That’s right. I slept so long that I accidentally travelled to a completely different country. In my defense Luxembourg is REALLY small and Germany is right next door, so I really only slept for about an hour. Either way it made for a pretty fantastic story when I showed up two hours late for French class that morning.

Go Across the Blogosphere!
The adventure's not over yet! Go to LiLa's site to find the first letter in the password to the secret page. Collect all the letters in the first two weeks of November for a chance to win a signed ARC, star-swag, and pin-buttons!

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