Monday, November 15, 2010

My Greatest Adventure

So I was going to post about my greatest adventure since we're all into adventures these past few weeks. I thought about the first time I went abroad and wandered away from the group I was with to explore the beaches of Malta by myself. Or my second time abroad, when I found the courage to travel the British Railways entirely by myself. Should I pick an adventure closer to home--moving away from home, my marriage, adopting a eat-anything demon disguised as a dog for a pet?

But none of that seemed good enough.

Because you know what? This is my greatest adventure. Each day after the next.

If this is too sugary-sweet for ya, then check out my League post today where I attempt to make Turkish Delight. Y'all, I think I might have to throw out that pan, too.

And if you've not yet, make sure you break the code and figure out the password to the secret page! All the clues are out, and almost 100 of you have figured it out! You have one week left to figure it out and enter for the contest.
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