Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bookanista Feature: Rachel Hawkins's DEMONGLASS

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DEMONGLASS by Rachel Hawkins

This is the kind of book I wish I could write. Y'all, funny is the hardest style to write, and Rachel nails it.

DEMONGLASS is the sequel to HEX HALL, and because I begged no, begged Shelli (who got a signed ARC) to share, she passed it along the Bookanista line. 

*sigh of bliss*

Here's the good things:
  • The sequel is better than the first: so if you read and liked HEX HALL, you will LOVE DEMONGLASS
  • Sophie, the main character, has the perfect combination of sarcasm and vulnerability
  • Cal, the third wheel of the love triangle (<<--is that even a phrase?) is perfectly painted. What a realistic way to create a love triangle--his love for her is built on friendship and admiration, and seems very real, even though Cal's a silent, stoic character.
  • Sophie is aware of the presence of the love triangle, and she doesn't lead him on, and that's so refreshing. I'm not saying there's nothing there--I'm saying Sophie doesn't take advantage or use either boy she's attracted to.
  • The plot is so tightly woven. And while I guessed the twist about her mom, I did not at all guess the other twist like at all. I gasped aloud on the airplane and woke up the person sleeping next to me.
  • It's set in England. Loff <3 loff <3 loff.
Here's the bad thing:
  • I'm working on my sequel for Across the Universe right now. And she makes me worried that my Book 2 will never be as good as her Book 2!!! *dies of anguish* ARGH ARGH ARGH


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