Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bookanista Feature: Julia Karr's XVI

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XVI by Julia Karr

Today on the Bookanistas, I'm spreading some cover love. Julia Karr is my fellow writer at The League of Extraordinary Writers, and will debut this beauty next year in January. Her book takes place in a near-future world where "sixteen years old" may as well be your "sex-teenth" birthday. But the book's not just about love and sex--there's murder, secrets, and an ex-government agent, too!

When I first heard about the title for XVI (on her agent's blog), after thinking "Whoa! Cool premise!" I wondered how they'd do the cover. After all, the title's just three letters long--how can you make that stand out?

Well, the people at Puffin/Speak sure know their business. I love how the title literally IS the cover, and how the girl's face is broken up not only by the lines around the title, but also by her dark hair. Even though her face is a little blurry (making the title pop more), her eyes draw me right in.

So, what do you think? Cool cover, right?


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