Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bookanista Feature: Brenna Yovanoff's THE REPLACEMENT

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THE REPLACEMENT by Brenna Yovanoff

THE REPLACEMENT has the most jaw-dropping cover I've ever seen. You guys just wait till you see it in real life--it's shiney and sparkly and totally, totally creepy.

Which matches the text inside. THE REPLACEMENT is beautifully written, with elegant prose akin to Carrie Ryan's THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH. I think the best word to describe how it is written is poignant.

But the story is dark and eerie. It's about a boy who was a replacement--a changling who took the place of a baby. His parents and sister know, but it's the topic No One Talks About (which drives Mackie crazy). But fae aren't meant to live in the real world--Mackie's always been sick, and is very lucky to have lasted as long as he has. As the fae draw him closer to their world, Mackie must decide whether to join them (and their twisted way of living) or stay in the world that reviles his kind, a world to which he'll never truly belong.

My favorite part? The sister. I love her--especially since she has a direct link to the image on the cover. So clever. Her choices, and her way of explaining them to Mackie and their mother, is just so...knife-in-heart beautiful.

This is a scary book, but a beautiful one. Brenna's done for horror what Carrie did for zombies. Totally worth a read.


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