Monday, November 16, 2009

Where's Beth?

Here's something I didn't expect: querying takes up more of my time than writing.

Here's why. When I get an extra ten minutes or so while I'm writing, I use that time to blog, check out other's blogs, read, write something else, brainstorm, etc. Now that I'm querying, I use those ten minutes to research agents or prepare queries.

Which explains the relative blog silence lately.

Now, I've always had the attitude that blogging comes last in the list of priorities in my writing life--it has to. Working on the actual profession, be it writing or querying, always comes first. So I'm not going to apologize for blog silence (even though i really missed you guys and i'm sorry). 

 So, to be honest, what with queries and critiques and working on a new project (albeit not for NaNo) and the holidays and the approaching final exams and my day job and playing with my puppy and life in general, blogs may be a bit scant. 

 But faithful readers, never fear! I still have all my notes from Cynthea Liu's workshop the Saturday before last which I will be sharing, and I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about critiqueing and revising (again) and I've been reading some awesome books lately *cough*meganwhalenturner*cough* to be reviewed.

We're still bff, right? If I bribe you with exciting shiny new posts, you'll still come to my party, right? Right?
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