Monday, November 16, 2009

Today in Class... The Ghost of Christmas Past

So, today in class, I was introducing the story of Dante's Inferno, and I started by giving some background information on Dante and Beatrice, his muse for the story. I'm all about some audio-visuals, so I had graphs and paintings and samples of terza rima up.

I got to this picture, and started telling them all about Dante's deep love for Beatrice, and how he wrong the Divine Comedy in part to have his wish to be with her again fulfilled, albeit in heaven. It was touching.

I was getting all into it, explaining the sources of the painting, going into the background and how it showed Florence but kept the focus on the main characters. I was even pointing out how Dante was paying attention to Beatrice, but she ignored him, despite how her friends were focused on Dante as well. Heck, I went into discussing the birds in the background, and how they could be symbolic.

Then I turn back to the class and ask if they have any questions.

Kid: Yeah, I got a question.

Me: About Dante, or The Inferno?

Kid: About that picture.

Me: [turning back to the picture] What about it?

Kid: Why is that old dude wearing a Santa Claus hat?

(So I was going to save this for tomorrow, but y'all were so sweet with the bff hugs 
and support and such that I thought I'd give you a little TiC love early :)

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