Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kick-start Your Writing

Between work and stress and work and a little more work, I've not been able to dedicate much time to my writing lately. And that's OK. Like I said before, I know that my writing life must necessarily be different from those who can make writing their first and only job.

But the point is, I've been a bit...lax about writing lately. When I get a little behind, I let myself get further behind.

So, this weekend, while I was sitting at the coffee shop with my husband, I really started getting back in the grove. But, like always, time started slipping away. It didn't help that the coffee shop had good wi fi. Besides, we couldn't spend all day sipping coffee, and soon enough I'd have to pack up, go home, and get to work on other projects (including dishes that hadn't been washed in a week).

I looked up at the husband. "Husband," I said, "I wish I could take my laptop and my newly found writing groove and go to the Biltmore House and sit in the lawn and write."

The husband looked at me. "Dude. We have season passes. We could totally do that."

So we did.

Oh, wait. You can't see the view? Lemme zoom that in for you.


Nice, isn't it? And the best part-- no distractions. Sure, it was a bit cold sitting outside in the mountains as the sun was setting, but there was no wi fi, no friends, no cell phone reception...and I was able to write two chapters.

And keep hold of that writing groove.

Not to mention that, when I finally packed up and went home, this was my parting site of the Biltmore House:

Totally. Worth. It.

So, where do go or what do you do to get back in the writing groove?
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