Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack! With a Prize!

Hi all! I'm back--with a sunburn from the Floridian sun to prove it :) I'd show you pics, but it's gross, trust me. I keep telling people that Florida is eating my flesh, but the husband tells me that it's weird and I should quit saying that.


So, I popped open my Google Reader today, and I was really surprised at the result! I actually expected almost twice as many posts to read than what I really got...

That's right--a total of 739 blog posts to read! And, unless I looked at the comments wrong, this means that Lois guessed closest with her guess of 823, which is only 84 off!

And what's her prize? Well, Lois is going to be the first Writing Blog of the Month feature on this blog! On July 1st, I'll be featuring a link to her blog in my sidebar, giving her a special blog award, doing a review of her blog, and (if she'd like) doing an interview with her! July is officially being renamed Lois Month!

Congratulations, Lois!!
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