Saturday, June 20, 2009


1st: Winners of past contests.
2nd: Announcement of a new contest! (so stick around for the whole post)
3rd: Make sure you don't miss my stockpiled Linkspam or the reason for the blog vacation.

The winner of the Silver Phoenix Bookmark is...

[NOTE: Cindy Pon, who is made of awesome, has offered to send ANYONE else who would like one a few bookmark and signed bookplate--so email her and you can ALL get a prize!]

The winner of the hardcover, first edition of Sarah Prineas's novel The Magic Thief is...

Gaby and Crystal, please email me your address at bethrevis (at) gmail (dot) com, and I'll get your prizes mailed out to ya!


YAY! I've finished my wip! In a mad, my-butt-didn't-leave-the-chair rush on Friday, I wrote almost 10k words and finished the first draft.

In celebration of this, I'm turning off the Internet entire week. Saturday to Saturday: no Internets. None.

And I can't help but many posts will line up in my Google Reader? Some of you have commented on how many blogs I read, all of which I subscribe to in my Google Reader. I know I've mentioned before how I've had to hit "mark all as read" just to get through them all.

So what will a week of unread blog posts look like in my Google Feed Reader?

That, dear reader, is your challenge.

In the comment section below, post a guess of how many posts will be in my Google Reader after a week of Internet darkness.

The Prize? A feature interview on this blog, and a special blog award--no one else has it--you'll be the first to win it!

PS: Do I not subscribe to your blog and/or follow you, and you really want me to? It's not because I don't love you--I just sometimes forget to check out all the links I stockpile. Link it in the comments here, and I'll make sure to check you out!
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