Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Post a Pic, Get a Prize!

So, A World Without You is officially out, and I'm officially on book tour! My full schedule is available here, but if you're in: Boston area, NYC, Washington DC area, Richmond VA, or Chapel Hill NC, I hope you come see me!

I hope you grabbed a copy or checked it out from your library. As my way of thanking you, I ordered 100 secret...somethings. Little gifts. To get one, just fill out the form. I'll be selecting a random 100 people from the addresses below and sending them a special gift in the mail!

To enter, just post a picture of A World Without You on a public social media forum (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) with the hashtag #AWorldWithoutYou, then submit the link and your mailing address in the form below. Open internationally, submit link by August 10. I'll randomly select 100 mailing addresses to mail the special gift to...and will send extra swag to as many people as I can until my postage budget runs out :)

Caveat: This does need to be a picture of the actual book, not just the flat cover image. You can post a picture of the actual book in anyway you want--a selfie with the book, a picture of it in a bookstore or library, or the book loaded up on your ereader. Get creative! I'll RT some of my faves :)

The gift is a secret--I want people to get a special surprise in the mail!--but it's a simple, fun thing that I think you'll like :)

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