Sunday, July 31, 2016

A WORLD WITHOUT YOU Book Tour, Day 1: Asheville

I am finally back home from book tour, and it's been awesome! Super glad to be home in the land of staying-in-AC-all-day, but still had a hugely fantastic time on tour!

This tour was a little different from my past ones. Before I picked up with the Dangerous Ladies group, I took a little detour up to New England so that I could tour some of the places where A World Without You takes place. I set the book in the Boston-area for a few reasons--proximity to the Salem Witch Trials, after a book event at Wellesley Books where the weather seemed just right for my setting, the convenient location of Plum Island. I did as much research as I could with books and the internet, but this is the first time I actually got a chance to visit the areas where the book was actually set! (And don't worry--I took lots of pics and videos, and will be posting them over the next few days.)

Of course, before I did any of that, I had to have a launch party! And the good people at Malaprops were gracious enough to host me and my little book. (Also: it's not too late! You can always get signed copies of any of my books directly through Malaprops!)

Malaprops is one of my favorite bookstores in the whole world, and I'm so happy to call them my book home. They really did a fantastic job with the launch party! There was a beautiful cupcake cake...

But what was far more important to me was all the beautiful people who came!

Not gonna lie--I'm always paranoid about throwing a party and no one showing up. (This directly stems back to my disastrous childhood birthday parties don't ask.) So when Malaprops started setting up extra chairs for people because there weren't enough guys. Thank you

And speaking of thanks, huge thanks to the amazing Alexa Duncan who co-hosted the event with me and interviewed me on A World Without You. She is amazing, y'all, and you need her smart, feminist, sci fi books now. 

Of course, another benefit of doing a launch party at Malaprops is that the bookstore is perfectly positioned to capture two Pokestops without moving a muscle. Plus someone set off two lures, which meant I had to sneak in a few captures...

It was just too tempting! I mean, check this out!

But in all seriousness, y'all, it was an amazing night. Celebrating this book with friends and family was the perfect way to launch A World Without You, a story that is deeply connected to my own past and future, one that wouldn't exist without the connections I share with the people I love. You guys are the very, very best.

Stick around all this week for more updates and travelogue of my recent tour--including a literal whale, a makeover, and a naked cowboy! 

And don't forget to enter my on-going giveaway--100 people who take a photograph of A World Without You and post it online will get a free surprise gift in the mail! 

More details and entry form are located here.

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