Saturday, October 25, 2014

Favorite Fall Reads + Giveaway: THE BODY ELECTRIC

To wrap up my favorite fall reads week, I figured I should answer the same questions I'd posed of everyone else--even if that makes me pick between warm apple pie and pumpkin spice!

I've been talking a lot about my newest book, so I don't want to bore you guys with repetition. But I will say that if you're the kind of person who really hates fall--you miss the warm sunny days and you'd much rather be on the beach--then this book's for you :) The Body Electric takes place in Malta, a Mediterranean island, in early summer--so the weather's perfect, the sky is blue, and there's not a raindrop in sight. And if you're sick of pumpkin spice and apple pie (*gasp*), Ella's favorite food is a local delicacy called pastizzi, which are sort of like savory danishes, all butter and cheese and flaky crusts.

And also there's explosions and twisty mind games and some kissing, so.

In the effort of fairness, here's my answers to the questions I posed the other authors! Read on to find more and to enter to win a copy of The Body Electric AND all the rest of my favorite fall reads! 

It's a beautiful (or rainy!) fall day--what book do you most want to curl up with and read all day?

Right now, I'm on a huge fantasy kick. I've just started Mary Pearson's Kiss of Deception, and you already know I loved Marie Lu's The Young Elites. I am also seriously considering taking a week to re-read all the book in Rae Carson's Girl of Fire and Thorns.

I love fall thunderstorms, but if I can't listen to one, I turn to music. What are you listening to right now? 

I typically listen to music that I can drown out. I've been known to listen to one song on repeat for hundreds of times, and lately I've really been into ambient noises, such as this mix of sounds that might be in the Gryffindor Common Room.

But I also like movie soundtracks. A really good on is for the recent film, Maleficent. I couldn't find any legit YouTube videos of the actual soundtrack, but here's the feature song from it. Download the whole soundtrack, though--it's amazing!

And speaking of Lana del Ray, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that she has a beautiful song, "The Body Electric." I actually didn't name my book after her--I named it after the Walt Whitman poem--but this song is amazing.

Pumpkin spice latte or warm apple pie?

YOU CAN ENTER TO WIN THIS AND FIVE OTHER BOOKS RELEASED THIS FALL! Contest is open internationally; prize won't ship until November, when all the books are out.

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