Thursday, November 15, 2012

Liberate the Lush! In Which I Bribe Myself

So. Yesterday, I said that if I made it to 10k words, I got to buy the stuff that I put in my Lush shopping cart. Because ZOMG, I love Lush stuff, but super expensive, yo.



I didn't make it to 10k words.

I made it to almost 9k words.

Which is SO. CLOSE.

And I even went to bed early in the hopes of wrapping up that last 1k of words and then splurge on Lush.



I mean, look. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are WAY GOOD. And I don't have good enough internet at home to watch them, so I was way behind. And also the internet here at the retreat IS good enough. And.



So I stayed up two more hours watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries instead of writing. Even WITH a shopping cart full of Lush stuff to bribe me. (Which, btw, should tell you how awesome TLBD is, and means that you should start watching now, like stat. Here, start here.)



I do have a book that needs to be, um, written. That's probably a crucial step in this whole I'm-a-professional-writer-and-should-actually-write thing.

And I love this story, and want to write it. But I'm hesitating for lots of stupid reasons.

But....I also still want the Lush stuff.

So! New goal! If I write 20k words by the time I go home on Tuesday, I get to buy all the stuff in my Lush shopping cart.

That's a big jump in word count. I know. But I've been stagnant too long, and Lush stuff is expensive, and it deserves a big push.

So...can I do it??? I don't know! I honestly don't! I'm def setting myself a goal here that I don't know if I'll make--which is actually kinda exciting...


Caroline Starr Rose said...

Go, go, go!

Now if this could just work for cleaning the house...

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm not the only one bribing myself with Lush! :-D

Add the Soft Coeur Massage Bar.
Best bribe ever.
I wrote a whole 5k thesis from scratch in one night for only one piece of it. I'd do anything for it.

Good luck for the 20k!!!

Hannah Milton said...

You can do it! Seriously though, you can. Lush is worth anything, even fingers that sieze up from writing.

Suzanne Furness said...

Hope your bribe works for you. Good luck.

Jenny said...

Good luck! Write for all of us who are dying for your Nano book even though we don't have a cover, tite or synopsis (though the pictures on your pinterest are intriguing...)
I love the Lizzie Bennett Diaries too! Finally I have someone to talk about it with. What are your opinions on Darcy?
Speaking of Nerdfighteria (what an amazing segue), my history class is going to have a debate on the evil baby orphanage. Best class ever? I think so:)
Once again, good luck and keep writing!

Elana Johnson said...

Of course you can! Go Beth!

Myrna Foster said...

Do it! Do it!

You are not the only writer that has lost writing time to The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. *sigh* But setting yourself up in public like this will probably be more motivating than the cart full of Lush.

Allison said...

Ooh, bribing myself... that is a good idea and I might have to try it. Best of luck!

Allison (Geek Banter)

Angela Brown said...

Self-bribes can work. Lush power ON!

Michelle Fidler said...

Lush is great. I'm from Ohio and I discovered them in Canada before they had any U.S. stores. That was about eleven years ago. I went to Toronto and learned about Lush from a guidebook. None of their stores in my area, though. Their prices have definitely gone up over the years.

Issy said...

Lush is totally worth it! You can do it!

(You've inspired me to bribe myself, too. No "Honey, I washed the kids" until I finish this part of my WIP!