Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Live in the Zone

So yesterday I tweeted this:

And I so meant it. As of right now, I've listened to the song 237 times. (I told you I get slightly crazy while rewriting...)

Anyway, soon after this, my friends over at @FigmentFiction tweeted me a link to Paradise Fears, a band that did an acoustic cover of the song.

The song is addictive as-is, but the cover as it's own sort of addictive quality. So, during writing breaks, I'd watch the video of them playing again and again.

One of the things I loved about it was the way the main singer gets totally into the song. Check him out at about the 1:40 minute mark--he is totally in that song.

He's in the zone.

Yesterday, I got to a point in the story where I totally fell into it. (It was the source of this status update, btw.) I was typing so fast that my fingers were skipping words as I trying to get the words in my head onto the computer screen. When I was finished, I was breathless and literally on the edge of my seat. And just like that, 2,000 words were written in about a half hour.

That doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's magic.

Whatever you do that you love--sing, write, paint, build--whatever it is, there has to be a moment when you enter that zone.

That's what I live for. That's why I love writing.


chihuahuazero said...

And this afternoon, my mom showed me a little of the "lip-syncing" several sport teams did to "Call Me Maybe".

Three reasons why "Call Me Maybe" is so memeric: Ear-wormy chorus, easily-imitated rhythm, and THE VIOLINS.

Oh! You're reading Insurgent? How is it so far?

Jess said...

I love those times when I'm writing and I get 4,000 words out in seemingly no time at all! And it feels like I'm at the center of the action, and it's so exciting!

I've listened to some of my songs a TON of times on repeat. Sometimes there's a song that completely fits the scene, and I can't pause it until the scene is over. I know how you feel :)

Happy writing!

sachianna said...

I recently discovered that song and fell in love with it!

Daisy Carter said...

237 times??!? That's like me and Sister Hazel's Your Winter.

This is a great song. I might have to listen to it again.

And again.