Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Topics are Underrepresented in YA Literature?

I know my own experiences are singular, and to get a really good idea of what topics should get more attention in stories, I need far more than just myself and my own small reach. Twitter, the ever-expanding water cooler of the world, was a great place for me to learn more about what stories are lacking in the YA world right now.

You can see the entire conversation here or view the compiled tweets in Storify below or at this link, but I wanted to highlight one conversation in particular. It perfectly encapsulated the type of conversation and dialogue I was hoping would spring up from the topic.

Diversity extends far beyond single, well-known issues, and everyone deserves a chance to be represented. Here's a sampling of the many varied responses I got on Twitter. Feel free to continue and add to the discussion!

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