Friday, December 28, 2012

Calling All Book Bloggers!

Attention Book Bloggers (and Vloggers!):

I'm working on a super secret project with a few other authors. And we'd love to have your help in revealing this project. If you'd like to participate, fill out the form below by Sunday. On Sunday, I'll be sending out an email to everyone who signs up, with details on what the secret project is, and how to reveal it. If you want to, you can then post a reveal of the secret project on January 3rd.

The secret project is a lot of fun, and something I think everyone will like. There's no obligation to participate, but if you do decide to participate in the secret project, then your post will be something that is very simple, and something that will be individual to you (in other words, you're not just copying and pasting the same post as everyone else, but it will not be labor-intensive, and will probably only take you about fifteen minutes).

The only requirements are:

  • You need to have some sort of media outlet that can host your post (such as a blog or vlog)
  • You can post the content on January 3 (you can post at a later date, but the big blast will be Jan. 3)
  • You fill out the form below--there's no string attached; this is just so we can contact you with the info. You can always decide to bow out after you find out what the secret is.
I really hope you want to participate! This is going to be really exciting! :)

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