Monday, December 10, 2012

The Ultimate Fan Contest!

 AHHH!!! If you thought the last contest was big, I can't wait to share this one for you! Because I've been working on this prize for three years. Seriously! I've saved up stuff from before I was even published for this prize!

Basically, this prize is HUGE collection of everything AtU. I've saved up all the promo stuff, all the little extras, everything--just to give away to ONE fan of the books!

If you love AtU, then this is the contest for you. The prize is so rare that some of this stuff is entirely one-of-a-kind, and nearly all of it is so rare it's not even sold in stores--it was just used for super-limited promo items, often only given to top booksellers.

Wanna see?

Reallly? Reallllllly? Okay!

Look at all the goodness!!

Full prize list: 
--A complete signed trilogy of all three books
--Signed copies of the two anthologies with AtU stories in them: 
SHARDS & ASHES (which just came out in ARC form!) and a hardback of AFTER.
--A "Name a Star" kit--you get to name a star anything you want! 
--A Godspeed water bottle made of metal
--An Across the Universe watch--so rare that only a handful were made!
--A container of astronaut candy
--A custom, hand-made bracelet featuring characters from AtU made by SweetGeek
--A cover flat of the original paperback of AtU--only a few of these exist, and yours will be signed!
--A CD by the band Snow Patrol called "A Hundred Million Suns"
--Buttons, rubber-band bracelets, postcards, bookmarks
--Two hidden, secret prizes

Yes! Two hidden, secret prizes. They're in the middle of the picture above, wrapped up like presents. The reason why they're hidden is because they're slightly spoilery. These two prizes are VERY relevant to Shades of Earth, and I think SUPER fun and exciting, but because they're a teeny bit of a spoiler, I've hidden them in this picture. If you want to see what they are, though, then CLICK HERE. I made a whole new webpage that shows what these super-secret prizes are. 

Here are some close-ups of the prizes.

-Signed paperback of Across the Universe
-Signed paperback of A Million Suns
-Signed ARC of Shades of Earth
-Signed ARC of Shards & Ashes--This anthology features stories by Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong Margie Stohl, Kami Garcia, Veronica Roth, and more! My story in this antho is "Love is a Choice" and tells Orion's history.
-Signed hardback of After--This anthology features stories by Carrie Ryan, Gregory Maguirre, Cecil Castellucci and more! My story in this antho is "The Other Elder" and tells about the origination of the Eldest system on Godspeed. 

-A metal Godspeed water bottle--just a few of these were made, and given to book bloggers, reviewers, bookstore owners and more at the launch of the first book.
-An AtU watch. Only a few dozen of these were made, and only given to a few, select bookstore owners. That's it. There's hardly any of these still in existence! (Also, btw, the watch doesn't work--I suspect the battery's dead? But it's still new in its package.) 

A custom, hand-made, one-of-a-kind charm bracelet by SweetGeek! 
but I can tell you that it features three characters--Amy, Elder, and Harley--as well as books, an ice cube, a paint pallet, Amy's bear Amber, a book, and more!

In addition to one grand prize winner,
there will be TWO runner-ups!

--Signed trilogy of all three books
-Astronaut candy
-ONE runner up will get a water bottle, one won't

That's it! Three prizes, one of them truly grand and unique :) Obviously, I want these special prizes to go to someone who will really appreciate it, a true fan of the books. This is a prize that I hope you want and love as much as I searched for and collected the perfect pieces of it. So I definitely want it to go to someone who will actually care about having it, and really is a fan of the books.

So, in order to enter, all you have to do is tell me that you're a fan of the books. That's it! Super simple--I'll randomly draw from the list of everyone who enters. Of course, there are ways to earn extra entries. The easy way to enter is just click on the list of all the common ways people are fans. Have you read the books? That counts! Have you told a friend about them or done a review? Those count! Just pick from the list whatever you've done (or plan to do) and that all counts as an entry! You can use any of the links to the sidebar on the right ---> for the "follow me" options, and you can download pre-made Across the Universe avatars at the AtU website!

But if you're a SUPER fan, you get MORE entries. Just make a post (or email me) with what sets you apart from the regular fan. Write fan fic? Made a fan website? Fan art? Entered the Creative Contest before--or making a creative entry now? All of that counts--and more! Just let me know what you've done, and I'll add in an extra number of entries based on what I think is fair for your ultimate fan entry. If you've done a ton of stuff, you get a ton of entries :)

The contest IS open internationally. I love all my fans :) <3 nbsp="nbsp">

Contest is open until December 21st. I'll announce a winner by Christmas Eve. 

Thanks for playing, everyone! The contest is now closed, and the winners are:
GRAND PRIZE: Jasmine L. 
Guys! I wish I could have given every single person a prize. Seriously.
You are all amazing.
Your stories and support mean the world to me.
YOU are the best Christmas present I could ask for.
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