Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ultimate Fan Contest Winners!


Your entries in the Ultimate Fan contest made me cry. Four times. They were absolutely brilliant. And so wonderful. I feel like it's kind of lame for me to announce winners now, since obviously I'm the winner here, to be lucky enough to have readers like you. Which makes me sound like a tool, I know, but I really mean it. <3 p="p">
But since some of you have been asking, and since I have had a couple of people ask to know who the winners are, maybe I should... :) Just as a reminder, it was a random drawing, but I gave extra entries to people who did more stuff; so if you didn't win, it's not because I didn't think you were awesome. I sincerely and truly wish I could give everyone who entered something.

That said, the winners are:

GRAND PRIZE: Jasmine L. 

Thanks again for playing along everyone! And if you didn't win, don't worry--I still have January yet to give you stuff :)
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