Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ruta Sepetys's Writing Process

I didn't want this to get lost in the shuffle tomorrow--I'm going to be announcing a pretty big bit of awesome on the blog tomorrow, and I wanted to be sure that everyone had a chance to read Ruta's last post and not ignore it with the overlap of posts tomorrow. So I'm going to post Ruta's words of advice on writing now--remember, comment on this and the other four posts for a chance to win a big prize pack! Winner will be announced after Friday. And come back tomorrow for the huge awesome game/contest/amazing thing that's going to be posted!

To wrap up this week on BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY, I ask Ruta to tell us a little bit about her writing process. Here's her words of wisdom:

Well, I wouldn’t call it a “process.” It’s more stream of consciousness. Unfortunately, I don’t have large blocks of time to sit and write. I snatch bits and pieces of time whenever I can which often means in traffic, on planes, or very early in the morning. I always carry pen and paper with me.

I don’t have the luxury of waiting for inspiration to strike. I may only have fifteen minutes on a particular day so I have to jump right in. I plow forward, even if what I’m writing is complete junk. I try to tap into a vein of emotion in the scene and as soon as I do, I’m locked in and off to the races.

I often write dialogue longhand. I’ll visualize a scene in my mind (as if I’m watching a movie) and the characters will just start talking. I recently wrote two chapters of my latest book sitting on the edge of a hotel bathtub, scribbling on notepaper. Sometimes, while on long drives, I’ll write by recording myself speaking narrative and dialogue into a voice recorder. So essentially, I just let it flow, whatever comes to mind. I’m a big reviser. In fact, maybe I’m more of a reviser than a writer!

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Question 1: Writers, what's your process like?

Question 2: Readers, are there any remaining questions you wished Ruta had addressed?
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