Monday, March 14, 2011

More Answers!

This is part 2 of my most recent answer session! Part 1 is here; original post to ask questions was here.

Lindsay said...What's the password for the eye lens on the telescope in your header? It's always drove me nuts-- the unknown extras hidden behind a cyber door.

Ah, it's not that hard to find! ;) OK, I don't want to take all the fun out of it, but if you click on the "for readers" star up above in the header, you'll see that there are three words on that text that are bolded--try them! :D

Lynsey Newton said...When can you reveal the title and even cover for book two? ;)

Well, the title's out now: A MILLION SUNS! As for the cover: I have seen a very rough version of it, and it filled my eyes with joy. I'm not sure when I can share, though!

Laura Fey said...What's your ultimate writing place?

Anywhere! Seriously--I can write anywhere. My couch, my kitchen table, and my desk are the most common places. But I will say that soon--any day now, actually--the cherry trees around my house are going to bloom. When the pink petals come out, so do I--I really like sitting on my back deck as the blossom blow around in the wind. So, for a few days out of the year, that's my ultimate writing place.

 TeamJacob said...What other genres of books do you like to write? Also, have you read the Twilight series?

YA fantasy! Actually, all my trunk novels are YA fantasy. Sci fi was a bit of a departure for me.

I have read the first TWILIGHT book, but not the rest.

Saundra Mitchell said...Which author do you feel braids your hair the BEST?

YOU. My answer is always YOU.

Dakota said...When is your birthday(month and day)?

Ah! I'm kinda private about that. I'll just say I'm a Libra, is that good enough? :)

helenlandalf said...What was the busiest time around your book release. Just before? During? After?

I'd say...hmmm. That's a tough one. I'd say that the busiest time started just before, but that it hasn't really let up since then. Because just before and during release, I was all focused on the launch, but then immediately after I had to turn my attention to writing Book 2, so...yeah. I'm still as busy as I was then!

Lara T. said...Ok, you said anything! lol I want to know how, in blogger, you have a header that is clickable like that!! lol Love it!!

Hahaha! That one's easy! I asked my web designer, Manning Krull, to make it for me. I have no idea how he did it. He's awesome like that!

That's it for today! These answers were short and easy--the last ones will require a little bit longer, more thoughtful responses, so I'm going to hold off on them until tomorrow. And if you'd like to add a question of your own, please do so here!
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