Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today in Class: Prince of Knowledge

Kid 1: Hey, Mrs. Revis! Did you see Prince of Persia over the weekend?

Me: Yup!

Kid 1: Did you like it?

Me: It was okay...

Kid 1: Okay? Okay?! That movie was freaking awesome!

Kid 2: Yeah! That end was cool! I totally didn't see that coming!

Me: That's why I wasn't that thrilled with it--I totally guessed the ending. I figured out how it would end after, like, the first twenty minutes. So it wasn't that cool for me.

Kid 1: But I didn't figure out the ending. I was totally surprised, and that's what made the movie COOL!

Kid 2: Yeah, Mrs. Revis. You need to be stupid like us, and then you can enjoy movies more!
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