Friday, June 11, 2010

5: The End and the Beginning

The Day Before Yesterday

The day before yesterday was your last day of school with students.

There were tears.

There were smiles.

You are swamped with essays to grade for the final exam, and you have to get grades in, and you have to wrap the whole year up. But you savor it.

These are your last days as a teacher.


Today is the very last day employed at a school.

The students are gone. Soon you will be, too.

You took pictures of your classroom before you ripped the posters off the wall and emptied the room of your presence.

You turned in the computer that was supposed to be used for school work, but on which you wrote both of your last novels on and did all your edits on.

You turn in your keys.

This is it.


Tomorrow, you’re a writer. Just a writer.
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