Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rocking Clues

Okay, first? You rock. YOU RAWK. I was fairly scared to post the series last week--it was a bit of a departure from the normal highjinks around here, and all of your many comments really made me happy to post the series.  I will be responding to you all, slowly but surely.

Second? You should go to the League on Monday. We're starting an awesome Scavenger Hunt--read the clues to figure out the title of a book, and you win the ENTIRE SERIES of books as a prize! And for my faithful blog readers, I'm giving you an EXTRA clue here: much like my book reviews, you're going to have to HUNT for HIDDEN spoilers...
Did you figure it out? Here's your clue, but be warned: one word in the clue is more important than others! LOOK AMONG THE CLUES FOR THE HIDDEN TITLE.
Third? Have a video! One of the ways I used to perk myself up was to buy a beta fish. Traditionally, I've named my fishes after Greek gods (I name other pets after book characters, and I name my cars after constellations and other astronomical stuff). So, of course, given the recent book deal and all, I had to name this guy Astraeus. Also, the teachers I work with are AMAZING and they got me Flip video camera as a going away present, so I used it to show you a little bit of what Astraeus looks like. I've got his bowl right next to my computer--you can actually see the bottom corner of my white Mac behind his bowl in the vid--and as I type, he swims around. Well, OK, I think he's actually plotting on how to kill me--he IS a beta, after all, renowned for their fighting--but he's awfully pretty in his death threats, no?

(If you crank the volume up, you can hear the song I was listening to when I shot the video; it looks a little like Astraeus is dancing to it. And if you don't want to sit there for two minutes and watch the whole thing--trust me, it's mesmerizing--skip to the last 15 seconds or so--Astraeus sort of hangs in just the right spot in the light to be really breathtakingly beautiful.)
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