Monday, May 1, 2017

Star Wars Week!

Hey everyone!

*deep breath* I have a Star Wars book coming out this week and I cannot handle this awesome.

Freaking out more than Finn
So, because I'm so extra, I thought, let's celebrate this whole week.



  • A livestream viewing of the best/worst Star Wars film of all time: The Star Wars Holiday Special!
  • Join me on Twitter on Wednesday, at 9pm EST
  • At that time, I'm hitting play on the video, and I'll be tweeting my reactions as I go
  • I may have watched this as a child, maybe, but if I did, I don't remember it
  • I only know what people have told me:
    • It's so bad it's good
    • Bea Arthur has a sing-a-long?
    • The Wookies look moth-eaten
    • I kinda think the Bea Arthur thing is a troll
  • Launch Party at Malaprops! 
  • It's May the Fourth. MAY THE FOURTH. GET IT
    • It's okay, my mom didn't get it either.
  • There will be prizes for the best Star Wars costume! And photos of my time at the LucasFilm publishing and at Star Wars Celebration! 
    • And cupcakes. SO. MANY. CUPCAKES.
  • ALSO! I'll be doing an AMA throughout the day over at the Star Wars Reddit. More details later, but it'll be at that site, so come ask me anything!
  • I think I'll have to wrap the week up with a giveaway, no? It's practically mandatory ;) Check back here on Friday for details! 

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