Friday, May 6, 2016

Special Gifts for Pre-ordering A WORLD WITHOUT YOU!

Hi guys!

Over the next few months, I'm going to be talking a lot about my upcoming book, A World Without You. This book comes out on July 19 from Penguin, and it's my most personal book yet. I really hope you love it!

As you also know, I freaking love my local bookstore, Malaprops, located in beautiful Asheville, NC. I worked with them in the past to offer a special pre-order campaign for The Body Electric, and I'm lucky enough to get to do it again for A World Without You!

If you pre-order A World Without You from Malaprops, you will get the following, shipped right to your door (or pick it up in person at the launch party on July 19):

You'll obviously get a signed, personalized copy of the book. If you order online, just be sure to tell Malaprops who you want the book personalized to, and if you have a particularly special message to include (such as "happy birthday" or, in the case of a very special copy of The Body Electric, "will you marry me"!!!!)

But did you notice that stamp up in the top corner? That is a very special stamp that I had custom-made just for this project. It will only ever be used for the first edition, first signings of my books, which means the only way you will ever get this stamp in a copy of A World Without You is to order it through Malaprops before July 19. After that, the stamp is going into retirement until the next time I have a book launch.

I love collecting books, and I wanted to give something special to the people like me to go out of their way to order a signed book on the first day it releases. This stamp is my thank you, and my way of making sure this is a limited edition, only-for-the-people-who-preorder thing!

But! Beyond the book itself, signed and stamped, if you order from Malaprops by July 19, you will also get--free with each book order--a beautiful art print designed by the wonderful Icey Designs! It features one of my favorite quotes from the book:

Isn't it gorgeous?! The quote was hand-lettered and designed by Hafsah at Icey Designs, and is printed on gorgeous matte paper with a velvet like finish. The paper is thick--really, it's more like thin cardboard, and the print can stand on its own without folding over. And it's large! Somewhere between the size of an art card and a poster (specifically 6x9"). This is really a beautiful piece of art, and words just don't do it justice! So, to help you see just how cool this art print is, I actually made a video of it, explaining it and the other features in the pre-order campaign:

I really think this is a special gift that you're going to love--and all these extras come free with every pre-order of A World Without You from Malaprops! (Also, if you'd like to get any other my other books signed and personalized, Malaprops can take care of you too!)

Here's the info you need:

To Place an Order Online:
  • Order as many copies of the book as you like
  • In the comments section, let them know if you want it personalized or if you'd like a special message added.
  • Malaprops ships internationally--if your country's not listed, please email them for estimated shipping costs

To Place an Order by Phone:
  • Call 1-828-254-6734
  • They can accept your credit card over the phone
  • Make sure the spelling of any personalization is correct
Note: There is a limit of 400 of the art prints. Last time, we sold out at 300, so I upped the campaign to 400! If you want to ensure you get a copy with the art print, make sure you order soon!

Hey! Do me a favor and let your friends know about this, k? 

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