Friday, March 6, 2015


The Body Electric was lucky enough to be picked for a special book deal by BookBub and will be on sale for just 99¢! The sale technically only lasts for one day--March 7th, this Saturday--but it may go on sale a little bit before and/or stay on sale a little bit after that. The book is on sale at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook) in the US, Canada, and the UK. But you're only guaranteed to snatch a copy at this special price on Saturday, March 7!

BookBub is a great email program that sends the best deals straight to your inbox--if you like the cheap ebooks, definitely subscribe to their newsletter program. (And you can subscribe to my newsletter too, so you'll always be the first to know when my books go on sale.)

Meanwhile, here's this weekend's special deals! This sale qualifies in the USA, the UK, and Canada, and is only guaranteed on March 7th. It may be on sale early (some retailers take different times to put a book on sale), but it will only definitely be on sale March 7th.

To celebrate, I'm also going to put my short story collection, The Future Collection, on sale for just 99¢. That's six short stories for the price of one--you can't beat that deal! (Note: The Future Collection is only available on Amazon/Kindle.)

This sale is truly only available for a limited time, and it will be a very rare occurrence. Don't miss out--grab a copy at the special sale price on March 7! The sale WILL END on Sunday!

Because this sale is so rare and won't come along again for a long time, I want to make sure that as many people as possible can grab a copy at such a special price. Therefore, throughout social media, I'm spreading the word...and I'm rewarding the people who help me!

-Signed copies of:
 Across the Universe
A Million Suns
Shades of Earth
The Body Electric

-Swag pack including:
Limited Edition Across the Universe metal water bottle
Huge packet of swag from books all over
A specially designed necklace

-Mystery Book!
A signed copy of a mystery book!
I'll keep which book it is a surprise, but it's a great one!
It's YA, and it's signed by the author.

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Reblog the sale image at the top of this page, link to my Instagram account @bethrevis, and tag it #BookBargain

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 Post the sale image above, link to either this website or one of the books, and tag it #BookBargain

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Tweet the following message: DEAL ALERT! You can grab 's latest book, The Body Electric, for just 99¢ MARCH 7 ONLY!  

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I'll be selecting one winner to win the prize on Monday, March 9th, and the prize is international (although please note that the sale is only in the USA, UK, and Canada--sorry!).

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