Saturday, April 19, 2014

Paper Hearts: Some Writing Advice

Look, I'm no expert. I want to say that, straight off the bat.

But...I like analyzing. I like knowing how things tick. I like breaking things down into smaller bits, and I like thinking in terms of how I'd teach someone else the idea. It's how my brain works. To understand something, I have to explain it, both to myself and to others.

I've slowly been amassing an archive of writing articles and thoughts (I've been blogging for half a decade!), and recently, I was compiling it all together for my own use and thought...maybe I should just make this available for anyone who wants to read it.

I quickly realized that I needed the right format to compile everything. A website was too spread out--despite archives, they're hard to search, and who reads archives any more? I'm not ready to self-publish a finished version. I wanted something accessible. Fortunately, about the same time that I was researching all this, my publisher pointed me toward Wattpad, a website that compiles things into a similar format as an e-book, is absolutely free, and can be read by someone without the need to create an account (you only need an account to post your own work or comments).

So...I did this.

I'm slowly amassing everything that I've done in terms of writing and serializing it at Wattpad. The archives are organized and will be easy to search. Some of it has been published on this blog before, and some of it hasn't, but none of it has been grouped together in one spot.

and more will be posted periodically.

I hope it's something that you find helpful. It's definitely an on-going project--I'm publishing several opening chapters now, and then will publish more on a schedule after returning from an upcoming trip. I'm particularly proud of the third chapter, "Why All Writing Advice Books Suck, Including This One." :)

I hope you check it out! Please let me know your thoughts and if there are any topics you'd like me cover.

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