Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Updates, Links, and More

Hey all!

Man, summer's great for being lazy, no? I feel like I've been too lazy, though, and not doing a good enough job of keeping everyone informed of everything.

One reason is because of Reddit. I mentioned before that I'm now a mod of the YA Writers subreddit but I wanted to re-issue the invitation for everyone to join in. We're now more than 400 members strong, and a healthy mix of people at various stages of their careers. If you ever want to discuss, question, or rave about writing for a YA audience, stop by! As a point of interest, July 3rd we're discussing "high concept," and we'll be doing pitch critiques, critique partner match-ups, and more in the future.

Next, I have some winners to announce! For the Defy the Dark prize pack, the winner is: Amanda R! Winners for the All the Nomz cookbook have also been selected. They are Alicia K., Maura T., and Amber P. All the winners have been contacted--thanks to everyone who played along!

Also, have you been to Kickstarter later? You know, that place where people help other people make awesome stuff? Well, Rachel Caine, author of the brilliant Morganville Vampire books, is currently hosting a Kickstarter to get her books turned into a movie! You can support the project here--and you'll see a video featuring me, talking about upcoming projects and more! They're halfway there, with only a week to go.

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