Friday, March 1, 2013

Announcing: The Month of NASA! With a HUGE Breathless Giveaway!!

NASA is an obvious love for me--I'm a total space geek (says the sci fi writer). When I was in junior high, we took a field trip to NASA Space Camp in Alabama, and I still remember the joy of seeing how astronauts trained. It was seriously the best trip ever. Everyone else wanted to go to the beach, but all I cared about was seeing the shuttles.

In college, I'd taken enough AP classes (and was a non-science major) that I only had to take one science class to fulfill my requirements. Instead, I took three--a major accomplishment for this non-science loving girl--because I wanted to take every astronomy class I could. The lab work was the best--we got to use real, professional grade telescopes. I still have my astronomy text books...although I did give up most of my English ones.

So NASA has definitely always been on my radar.  When I starting writing ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, I fell in love with NASA all over again. NASA records were one of my top research spots, especially for SHADES OF EARTH. All of this made me even more nerdily excited when the book actually got to go into space.

This month, I have the very great pleasure and honor to go on tour at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. I am so insanely excited about this, I cannot even. Seriously. My ability to can has completely left. NASA YOU GUYS ZOMG!!!!!! And a huge, huge thank you to Kate at Ex Libris for hooking me up with the tour! Also: if you're not reading her awesome book review blog, you totally should. Like, now.

So, to celebrate, I'm declaring March NASA Month on my blog. Every day this month, I'm going to post something about how NASA is awesome, and I'd love for you to join me.

And, of course, there's going to be prizes. How could I not include prizes? And since we are talking about space here, I think it's only appropriate to make those prizes be a bit...breathless...

So remember how I recently went on the Breathless Reads tour? Well, I made sure to grab an extra signed copy of every single book on the tour. And I'm going to give them all away to one lucky reader.

Here's the whole pile, spread out on my kitchen table.
Flowers from my husband not included :)
This is...a lot of books. Seriously. Here's what they look like all lined up.

And remember: every single copy is signed by the author! Want a break down of just how big this prize is?

First, you have signed hardback covers of all three of my novels: Across the Universe, A Million Suns, and Shades of Earth.

So pretty :)
Then, I'm throwing in an ARC of two of the anthologies I'm being published in this year, Shards & Ashes (edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong, with stories by Veronica Roth, Kami Garcia, Margie Stohl, and more) as well as Defy the Dark (edited by Saundra Mitchell, with stories by Aprilynne Pike, Carrie Ryan, Rachel Hawkins, and more). I'll also sign both of my stories in this antho.

Such an honor to be included in these. Seriously.
Next, we have signed copies of the books by the girls I was just on tour with: Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood, Black City by Elizabeth Richards, Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes, and Venom by Fiona Paul.

You will also get a Breathless Reads poster signed by each of these ladies!

These ladies rock. Tour was awesome because of them.
And, as you know, the Breathless Reads tour was broken into an east coast and west coast event. But I pulled some strings, and can offer up a signed copy of each of the west coast girls' books, too! Up for grabs is: Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu, Rise and Rift by Andrea Cremer, Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff, and Origin by Jessica Khoury. And they're all signed.

I missed them like whoa.
And! Because this is a NASA celebration, you get a pile of NASA swag, courtesy of Ex Libris Kate! This includes a bundle of (very pretty) bookmarks, stickers for NASA and the International Space Station, a postcard with words of wisdom from an astronaut, and, of course, astronaut ice cream!

Thank you Kate!
Additionally, since I'll be at the Johnson Space Center, I might just pick up an extra few prizes while I'm there....

 Need a recap? One grand-prize winner will get:

  • 15 signed books by all the Breathless Reads girls
  • 1 signed poster by the East Coast Breathless Reads girls
  • A whole pile of awesome NASA swag

So, I know you want to enter! I mean, awesome, amirite? And I've made entering this contest super easy. All you have to do is help me celebrate NASA! There's the usual easy entries of liking NASA online--including do different tweets you can use--but I also wanted to give you a chance to celebrate NASA in a more creative way.

To celebrate NASA creatively: you could blog about why you like NASA, you could reach out to an astronaut for an interview, you could make space fan art, you could sing a song about NASA, you do a vlog, you make a list of all the ways NASA rocks...any of this counts! Just celebrate NASA in some awesome way, post it online, and include the link in the Rafflecopter. I even set that part of the entry open for multiple entries, so you could blog and vlog and Facebook and tumblr and Pinterest about NASA and they all count. The only requirements: post a link back to this contest, and put the full URL of the site in the Rafflecopter.

To enter: be sure to read the full rules and terms of the contest (including a new international shipping policy) here. Then fill out the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


K M Kelly said...

On tour at the Johnson Space Centre! Oh wow! And I love the idea ofyour NASA contest - I'm tempted to blog anyway since I write space themes stuff but since I'm in the UK I won't be able to enter your giveaway. :)Have a great time!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome Beth. I'm not on Twitter so I can't do much of this. But I'll stop by and help celebrate. And check out the blog you recommend.

Delia Moran said...

Johnson Space Center?! I am having so much envy right now. Thanks for the fantastic contest!

Unknown said...

I love you're contests Beth! They are all so fun! I'll think something up for the last part!

Kelley Lynn said...

I've been to the Johnson Space Center. SO fun :)

Kaethe said...

This is going to be a great month!

Kaethe said...

This is going to be a great month!