Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Try Breathless Reads for Free!

If you've not read AtU yet--or any of these wonderful titles--check it out now! You can get sample chapters of all the ladies from the Breathless Reads tour (starting next week! squee!) for FREE, from either Kindle or Nook.

And speaking of free, dude, Penguin's doing so much to make this tour awesome. For example: tour badges!

Every person who comes to the event will get one (unless by chance they run out, but I don't think that'll happen). And you want one! Because (a) they are cool, (b) they give you an entry into a giveaway...including a free Samsung Galaxy Tablet!

So if you're anywhere near the tour stops, please come by! And don't think that you have to buy all the books or anything (although I will give you a hug if you do). Because you can still collect signatures--everyone who comes to the tour will also get a free poster, and we'd love to sign it for you!

(It is so pretty. And shiny!)

Basically, this is me saying that the Breathless Reads tour is going to be EPIC, and I really want to see you there!

For more information on the tour, 
To download a free chapter sampler,
click here:
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Amber at The Musings of ALMYBNENR said...

Very cool! I knew about the badges but I didn't know about the posters. I can't wait! I'll see you at the DC stop. :)

Bonnie @ A Backwards Story said...

That's so awesome, Beth! I'm really excited that you'll be coming to Doylestown! *anxious to meet you!!*

Angela Brown said...

I've so much awesomesauce mentioned about each of the books in this tour. I think I better see about getting my sample chapters right away.

Thanks for the heads up about this :-)

ansindt said...

OOHH...Wish you were coming back to Utah. Loved the last Breathless Reads tour! We will miss you

Bonnie said...

I will be at the event in Long Beach! Going to be so awesome to see you guys!!!