Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season for Giving!

There are some great contests going on right now, and I wanted to be sure no one missed them.

  • You have until Monday to enter my 200-prize giveaway! We did make the 1000 entry goal, so I will be making a donation of at least $1000 to World Vision...but barring a sudden influx of a crazy number of entries, I think it's safe to say that I'll be donating a dollar for every entry, not just the first 1000. 
    • Also: keep in mind that even though I've got about 1200 entries right now, there are 200 prizes...which means you have a one in six chance of winning something. Talk about your good odds!
  • Speaking of good odds--make sure you enter the first year celebration over at the League. We're each giving away a signed copy of our books, so the grand prize winner will get FIVE signed books! It's super simple to enter, and did I mention the good odds you've got there?
  • The AtU fansite, Secret of the Stars is hosting a blog hop with your choice of one of my books as a prize!
  • Do you like puppies and kittens? Do you cry when Sarah McLachlin starts singing for the humane society on TV? Do you also like to have signed books of some of the hottest titles in YA? Then check out this charity auction. 
    • After witnessing some animal cruelty, author Christine Johnson decided to do something about it, and launched a charity auction to support the Humane Society. Authors Diana Peterfreund and Carrie Ryan are matching donations, up to $1000 each. 
    • It's SO EASY to help out with this auction: just go here, pick your prize, and bid.
I think I've hit them all with this--feel free to post in the comments of other giveaways you'd like to share with people!


stacie said...

This is such an amazing give away. So thank you Ms. Revis for putting all this together.

Angela Brown said...

Wonderful contest round up. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I've got this one-



Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see who's the winner :D

Speech Delay Mamma said...

That's such a generous donation!!

I'm holding a giveaway of ANY 2012 debut (including my own book) - and there's 5 chances of winning.


Taneika said...

*cries* All of the ones I can actually afford aren't available to Australia, what's wrong with Australia :( The other two are way out of my price range!