Monday, October 5, 2009

Critter at the Castle

Would you like Critter to visit YOUR hometown? Check out the end of the post for info on how that can happen!

(side note: I switched to the updated editor in Blogger, but for some reason can't get pics to post correctly. Sorry that some are centered, some aren't.)

Well, as you all know, I was graced with a visit from Critter recently, via PJ Hoover, via Christy Evers (whose great idea this project was). There's not much to do around here in rural Appalachain country, but one thing my area does have to offer is, you know...

...a castle.

So, I took Critter for a day out at the finest of American homes and castle, the Biltmore House.

Critter was thrilled! The Biltmore House is *huge* and there are lots of other critters for him to meet and become friends with.

Critter went straight to the front door. After all, this was *his* castle, at least for today!

First friend: the lion guarding the entrance.

Bad lion! Don't eat Critter! Noooo!

Come on, Critter, don't hide!!

After his first traumatic event, Critter took some time off while Corwin and I went exploring in the castle. You can't take pictures inside the castle, but here's some outdoor shots we took while Critter cowered behind oversized leaves.

The gargoyles are lovely in the morning, aren't they. Side note: I WANT GARGOYLES.

See that black tower/walkway thing? Yeah, so, at the turn of the century, they were so worried about the naughty boy servants meeting up with the innocent girl servants and making them not-so-innocent any more, that they built that black tower/walkway thing for the stable boys to come into the servant dining hall without running into any of the girl servants.

This is from the roof. That big glass and metal thing right there hangs over a huge INDOOR garden where the Vanderbilts would have parties and drink and be merry and such.

This is from the outside, the tower in the front. You know what's inside the tower? AN ELEVATOR. A real, working elevator. How many castles do YOU know of with an ELEVATOR? (Oh, and PS: on the outside, on the left, that's Joan of Arc. I think the other guy's King George, of dragon fame, but I can't remember for sure at the mo).

Can't you just picture a Disney princess coming from that door, going to the fountain, and bursting into song?

What? This post is supposed to be about you, Critter? Oops! I almost forgot!!

OK, well after touring around the castle for a bit, we decided it was time to see if we could try to make friends for Critter again. First Corwin spotted a lovely young woman.

Unfortunatley, she was *TOO* friendly and had her top off before I could snap a picture.

We tried her son, instead.

Then I noticed the horns on his head. See 'em? They're tiny bumps now, but I wasn't taking no chances with Critter. Horns on your head = riffraff in my opinion.

Next we moved to the arboretum, where we met a friendly fish.

WAIT!!! He's not friend at all! He's trying to eat you!!! RUN CRITTER!

Fine, let's NOT make friends here. Between the nekkid women, horny boys, and Critter-eating fish, I think we'd be better off looking elsewhere.

How about a nice garden?

Oh, that IS nice. Let's take a moment to...

...smell the roses.

The outdoor gardens didn't have much, actually--it IS nearly fall, after all. So we went to the greenhouses next.

While there, we saw these exotic flowers.

There was a little old lady walking around while we were. She saw me looking at these big flowers and started chuckling. When I looked up, this kind, sweet grandma looked me square in the eyes and said, "We always used to call those little boy flowers."

So, of course, as soon as she said that and I knew what she meant, Corwin *had* to take this picture:

(Oh, the indignity.)

After the greenhouses, I thought it would be nice to take a nature walk out to the bass pond.

Isn't that lovely? Unfortunately, there weren't too many friends for Critter here in the wild, either.

Goose says: DO NOT WANT!

And...there you have it! Critter's adventures at the castle!

Now, Critter is ready to move on. He didn't have much luck with friends or flowers here, but maybe he can find something better at YOUR house! If you'd like Critter to come visit you, then why not sit a spell and tell him about your hometown and the adventures you'd like to take him on?

Would you like to host Critter next?

Leave a comment below telling me what cool place you'd like to show Critter--and, of course, take picture of and post on your blog!

  1. I will select a winner from the comments below. This isn't a drawing. I'm going to pick the person who I, personally, think has the best place to show Critter. It's totally up to me :P
  2. The winner MUST have a blog, and MUST show pictures of Critter doing things on your blog.
  3. The winner gets to sign his/her name on Critter, as well as add a link to his/her blog.
  4. The winner will then host a contest on his/her blog, select a new winner, and mail Critter off to the new Critter host. The winner needs to pick someone reliable who will keep the Critter-chain going--it would suck royally if Critter doesn't make it back to his original home.
  5. For more information on the rules of Critter, go to
The winner will be selected on Friday! Let me know what a good time you'd show Critter, and he'll be heading to YOUR home next!!!


Scott said...

Ooooh, cool pictures. I've never been to the Biltmore. Dang! Need to do that sometime in the near future since it's only about 4 1/2 hours away.

Can Critter wait until next May when I go to the Boston area for a conference? Trust me, I could get some great pictures of Critter on the dance floor, on the bar, by the ocean, and so many other places. Hmmm . . .


PJ Hoover said...

I love the post! Critter lives the life I want to live :)

MG Higgins said...

If Critter visits me we'll go hiking in the redwoods. Visit the ocean (the sandy kind AND the crashing waves and cliffs kind). He'll schmooze with my cat Seymour and sleep in a Victorian house. We may even go to a roller derby game!

Jennifer said...

If Critter visits me, Critter gets to go visit a Civil War cemetery, tour the country's one and ONLY city of Petal, visit the Hub City and see all the trains, and hang out with me in my awesome office.

(Criiiiiiter, you know you want to come hang with meeeeeeee......!)

Anonymous said...

What are the numbers on Critter for?

Unknown said...

Little Scribbler: it's so you can add your name and blog to him!

C.R. Evers said...

Yay! Critter looks so happy! What an awesome place to take him.

Happy belated Birthday!

Kelly Polark said...

Hmmm, in a few weeks I am driving from Florida to Chicago, Critter could road trip with me and stop at many exciting places on the way! Does he know how to drive? He can take the night shift! :) I would love to take Critter to some cool places!!

Kelly Polark said...

By the way, the castle is so beautiful!!!!

Kelly H-Y said...

This post cracked me up ... wow, Critter had a busy and entertaining day! :-)

Sherrie Petersen said...

I want to visit Vanderbilt Castle!

I hope Critter comes to Solvang to see the windmills, go to the beach, eat aebleskiver and danish, visit our historic school house, go wine much to see and do out here :D

Anonymous said...

Is Critter a football fan? I could take him to the Iowa State University homecoming football game on Oct. 17 (and don't worry, I won't let him drive afterward).

I visited Biltmore last summer and took pictures of most of the same places :) (sans Critter of course, which is sad). Good luck adjusting back to the day job!

Adrienne said...

I'll bet Critter would like the historic gold-mining town of Julian, CA...lots of fall fun and a spooky cemetery, too. And I (probably) wouldn't hog him 'til Halloween, but I could still make him a cool costume!

Christina Farley said...

Oh! Am I too late? I thought I entered but my entry must have gotten lost in cyber space!

Critter MUST hop on an airplane and come see me and my boys here in Seoul, Korea. First of all, they would adore Critter. He is too cute. Secondly, we'd take him to see the palace and all the cool sites of Seoul. My boys would even teach him so Korean too.

ian sands said...

Wow, Beth.. there are a lot of great adventures to choose from!

Edith said...

This is so neat!! I'd like to host Critter someday. I'm in the middle of moving at the moment, but I'll check back later in hopes Critter continues to vacation.