Monday, June 16, 2008

There's Got to be a Story Here Somewhere

Ok, ok, I know I'm slacking. But I'm at 50k words now, and only need about 15-17k more to finish and my brain goes dead if I don't take breaks and...ok, I know, it's all excuses for why I'm playing on the internet instead of writing. But Brookly Arden had a post about why I wish I lived in NY city...naw, it was a post about this Scholastic editor's adventures in NY--it just made me wish I lived there. And she saw this.

There has got to be a cool story that someone could make out of that. The design and concept of the thing is amazing. I wish I could come up with some sort of adventure and story around the telectroscope....or at least be able to see it :(

Ok--back to work!

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