Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Inspired by the workshops by Kristin Nelson on Pub Rants, I challenged my crit group to come up with a new pitch for their books, something that could be the back cover copy when their book gets published. Of course, that meant I had to do one for mine, too. Here it is...and I like it so much, I might put it into my new querries...

When Chloe gets sucked out of her normal teenage life in America and lands in a magical world where monsters are real but indoor plumbing isn't, she has no idea that the biggest challenge she'll face isn't getting home: it's convincing her brother to leave behind the addicting magic of the new world and come home with her.

There's way too many complications in this new world for Chloe. The knight she's falling in love with is a berserker who goes mad with bloodlust—and is in love with someone else. The Prophet Monk whose power in magic may be the key to sending her home is an eight-year-old smart mouthed boy. And her brother, who should be the one person in this new world she can trust, has joined an evil demon lord. As Chloe begins to see eerie connections between this new world and Earth, she realizes that sometimes you can't save the people you love...especially if they don't want to be saved.