Friday, January 27, 2012

TWIST: And then the author goes insane & also

So, I've started working on revisions for SHADES OF EARTH. Basically, the idea is to make it the most mind-blowing, twistiest, awesomest book ever. And my attitude for this has been:

Which has also meant that very often my brain turns slowly into mush coming up with new twists and turns and attempts to make the book good for you. Also: I get ideas and many of them are crazy, and I have to sort the crazy from the non-crazy. Also also: the idea of becoming a crazy cat lady is starting to look nice, except I have dogs instead of cats, but the principle is still the same.

So what does a writer do when her brain is turning to mush and there are too many twists in there?

She turns to Twitter.

Things got out of hand.

The good news is that by blowing off steam this way, I think I actually come up with the real twist that I'm going to try to use with the plot! And the other good news is that I had so much fun doing this that I thought, like any good party, lets just keep it going.

Have a crazy, funny plot twist or mash-up with another book/show/movie? Tweet it (@bethrevis or #newplot4SoE so I can find it) and/or post it here in the comments, and I'll enter you to win a signed copy of A MILLION SUNS! Enter as many times as you like (as long as you're coming up with new stuff, don't just spam this; it's supposed to be fun). Comments and tweets count. I'll either pick my favorite or--as is likely--there will be too many awesome ones and I can't pick, in which case I will just randomly pick one. Open internationally, we'll close this on Monday, unless I forget. Have I mentioned my brain = mush?

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