Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A FEVERish Giveaway!

Ugh. I know. That title is very very lame. Which is a shame because what I've got to showcase today is the opposite of lame.

Any ideas? Here's a clue...

Any more guesses?

How about this...

Or this...

That's right! Today I'm featuring the lovely Lauren DeStefano...and I'm following it up with a signed copy of BOTH books!

WITHER debuted last year with a huge fanfare--and justly deserved! It was an amazing book, both because of it's un-put-down-able-ness and because of the beautiful way in which it was written. Here's the thing. For me, if a book has a great plot that makes me keep turning the pages no matter what, I really like it. But if that book also adds on a truly beautiful language style...I'm in love. Very few books do this. Carrie Ryan's works...Neil Gaimon's...Victoria Schwab...these are the only authors I can think of off the top of my head with a similar mixture of amazing plot + beautiful writing style.

So, of course, I immediately began stalking Lauren. And then I begged her for FEVER. Guys. Seriously. BEGGED.

And my evil machinations worked! I totally snagged a copy of FEVER and devoured the whole thing in less than 24 hours.

Guys. GUYS. You need to read this series. No shizz. It's...amazing. *happy sigh*

Things I love about WITHER and FEVER:

  • Rhine is a very realistic character. The decisions she makes when she's faced with them are either (a) exactly what I would do, or (b) not what I would do, but I understand why she would do it.
  • There's a love triangle. Sort of. And I really only like sort-of-love-triangles. In WITHER, Rhine is forced into marriage against her will. Thing is? Her husband's not a douche. In a lot of ways, he's got just as real problems as Rhine--he's been lied to, and deceived, and he's only trying to find something that's real. And the boy Rhine thinks she might fall for? She's not sure. She's trapped. She's not willing to risk too many emotions here.
  • In FEVER, the suck doesn't go away. By which I mean--Rhine's world changes...but it's still bad. Okay, so here's the thing. You know how HUNGER GAMES was always a little unbelievable because the bad districts were so bad, and the good ones so good? I mean...no distribution of wealth? Not everything's quite so black and white. Don't get me wrong, I loved HG, but I loved it more for the plot than the setting, yanno? Anyway, my point here is that in FEVER, there is striation. Gradiation. There a lot of shades of gray. Not just in the people, but the settings. What is right and what is wrong. Sometimes, the things you think are wrong...in this situation, with these people....it's right. Or sometimes, the things you think are right...aren't. Lauren takes these impossible people in an impossible world, and she gives them impossible situations, and she forces them to react to them.
Look, I'm babbling. Sorry. I tend to get babbly about books I love hardcore. 

So, want a copy? Of course you do! Up for grabs today is a copy of WITHER (signed!) and an ARC of FEVER (also signed!). Lauren donated this prize for the contest, so to get extra entries, I'm going to ask that you show her some love. These are totally optional, but I encourage you to thank her for the prize by doing some of these options (or in the comments!). 

TO ENTER: Fill out the Rafflecopter form below. All that is required is an email address (so I can contact the winner). The other things are optional. The contest is US only...sorry! The next contest will be international. Enter quick! This contest closes on Saturday.

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