Monday, January 9, 2012

Five Excellent Reasons You Should Buy A MILLION SUNS from My Local Indie

  1. Their name is Fireside. Doesn't that sound cozy?
  2. They are--literally--a Main Street store. You know, that old-school little bookstore right on Main Street? That's them.
  3. They're 100% local. Southern accents and all.
  4. You can always order signed books by me from them. But if you order by January 10th before the party at 7pm, you'll get a signed book PLUS a pile of swag, including bookmarks, bracelets, and posters.
  5. SOME people who order from Fireside will ALSO get a limited-edition AtU water bottle. See below for a pic! I'm sticking them in random packages after I sign them, so it could be anyone!

You can order your signed and personalized copy of 
from Fireside here:

-Website: click here 
-Phone: 828-245-5188
-Facebook: click here

(PS: you can also order signed, personalized copies of Stephanie Perkins and Carrie Ryan's books--if you order before 7pm on Tuesday! Both of these wonderful ladies will be at the launch party with me.)
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