Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's just past midnight here...which means, officially, today's the day A MILLION SUNS comes out!

I wasn't going to post anything. I'm really worried I'm going to burn you guys out with this stuff, especially all the posts planned for tomorrow today for the Virtual Launch Party.


I was goofing off on Tumblr, waiting for my hair to dry a bit before putting it in curlers, and lo, what did I find but an artist who paints koi.

Please watch this video. It's amazing. Artist Riusuke Fukahori has two types of koi art here. The first is a painstaking (but beautiful!) process where he paints a part of a koi, then covers it with acrylic, then paints the next part. He essentially makes a 3-D sculpture of koi using paint. It's...stunning. The second art is where he paints a giant koi with a broom. No kidding!

Anyway, it's not much, but I wanted to share this with you tonight. Thanks for being on this ride with me, guys.

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