Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winners all around!

Quick post! I did some giveaway last week, and have selected the winners! And one of them might be you, so check out below!

Winner of a SIGNED copy of TEMPEST by Julie Cross:

Jordan E. (I've already emailed you :)

Winner of a SIGNED copy of A MILLION SUNS for coming up with a clever plot twist:

(random drawing winner): @MilyHopeEc for this tweet 

And because I simply couldn't resist, there was one plot twist that made me laugh out loud--it was perfect for me, and so I want to give it a prize, too. Problem is? The entry was Anonymous. So, Anon, send me an email with your address so I can get you a prize! The winning anonymous entry is:
Amy steps foot onto Centauri earth to find a black cat named luna who tells her she is Sailor Centauri A and she has to save everyone from the megaverse. Oh, and Elder's tuxedo Mask for kicks....

PS: Tomorrow I'm doing a pod cast interview with AuthorsAreRockstars. Have a question for me? Ask it here! 
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