Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WINNERS of the Creative Contest!

I...am still just so gobsmacked by the Creative Contest that I cannot even begin to put into words how awesome you guys are. I think it's pretty obvious that, basically, I have the best readers EVER and I will monkey-cage-fight anyone who disagrees with me.

Now, if you remember, there were originally going to be two prizes for this contest. The first was going to be a random drawing of all the entrants, and that winner would get a signed ARC and a custom-made charm bracelet by Jennie on Etsy.

So, after putting together all the entrants and using the trusty-old Random.Org, I'm happy to announce that the random-drawing winner of the Creative Contest is....

*drum roll please*

Now, you'll remember that I also said that I reserved the right to give a prize to the person whose entry I thought was the most creative and neat.

And that's where I ran into a problem.

Because. Um. I couldn't pick.

It's YOUR fault, really. I mean, come on! You guys were making amazing things here! Paintings and henna tattoos and songs and videos and dances and sculptures and jewelry and poetry and MORE. How on freaking earth was I supposed to pick just ONE thing from that list of awesome!??! I can't, that's how. 


I decided to do something a little crazy.

I decided to give every single person who entered the contest a prize.

That's right. If you entered the contest, you get a prize. It's not huge (and not ARCs, sorry! I don't have that many!)--but it is a special, unique prize, and it is a secret prize. Why a secret? Because the prize will actually be a clue about A MILLION SUNS. And if you were one of the 42 people who entered the contest, then you get it. And no one else. Nanananabooboo.

I've emailed all the entrants already about this special prize--but three emails bounced back to me. If you entered and didn't get an email, shoot me a line so I can tell you how to claim your prize, and please include a link so I know it's you! :)

Meanwhile, stick around! I'm working on a new webpage right now featuring all the entries--and you'll be able to see for yourself how impossible it was to decide on just one winner!

ALSO: Safari Poet was awesome enough to translate my German book trailer, so check out the comments of yesterday's post to read her awesome translation!
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