Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bookanista Review: Maureen Johnson's THE NAME OF THE STAR

Maureen Johnson is a must-buy for me. I see a book with her name on it, I buy it.

If you are an MJ fan like me, then you will be so freaking excited by THE NAME OF THE STAR--possibly the best of her entire work, rivaled only by DEVILISH. If you are not an MJ fan (for shame!) then this is a GREAT book to start your upcoming MJ love. GET IT. READ IT.

So here's the thing: MJ knows how to tell a story well. Just follow her Twitter--if she can make 140-character tweets that entertaining, imagine what she can do with a whole book.

But the best part about THE NAME OF THE STAR? Is the plot itself. It's riveting. The basic plot is a girl from America goes to England for boarding school just as a Jack the Ripper copycat killer goes on a rampage. But then the girl becomes a witness--to a killer only she can see.

There's a little of everything in this book: a little funny (true laugh-out-loud moments), a little sad (I cried, I'm not ashamed to admit), a little mystery (who's killing--and how?), a little adventure (see: final battle), and a whole lot of amazing.

Here's the short story: this is a fantastic story wrapped around amazing writing. What's not to love?

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