Saturday, May 21, 2011

Live-Blogging! Edit Version

I have edits due. Soon. And while I've been plugging away like a good little writer, I've noticed in the last two or three days that my productivity has....fallen. Drastically.

I think the answer to WHY my productivity on edits has fallen can probably be found in this video, but I kept getting distracted by the awesome British accent and therefore didn't learn a thing.

So anyway, the husband has the guys over for boy's night (read: bacon-wrapped-hotdogs, beer, XBox, Risk) and, as I usually do during boy's night, I have holed myself up in my office. With my laptop. And coffee. And I'm going to stare at these edits until either they're done, or my eyes bleed. And while I do it, I'm going to live-blog.

If you don't know what I mean by live-blogging, then check here first (with links to more live-blogging sessions in that post). Basically, my biggest distraction from doing work is the internet. So, when I really need to focus, I live-blog: I work on my book, and when I get tempted to play online, I start off by logging my time here--and then I usually guilt myself into not really slacking off.

How will it go? Stay tuned to find out!


8:45pm: 1st cup of coffee. I'm a little worried about how this is going to go, btw, because I mowed the lawn and have allergies now and I'm already feeling blargy.

8:51: And I immediately got distracted by blogs...

8:57: Put my mitts on. STUFF JUST GOT REAL, Y'ALL.

9:01: Had to Google Image "stoop." Because...while I used the word, I realized I actually don't know what one is...

9:03: In researching stoops, I found this. That's rather stupid, no? I mean, don't you always need steps? Why even have this? I guess maybe it's not real steps...but. I don't get it.

9:09: Woot! Edited...three whole pages. So...uh...that's 3 pages in over 20 minutes. Hrm. Not good.

9:15: Hello Failbook. Oh, WAIT. *ducks head* *goes back to editing*


9:42: THIS is what has been distracting me!!!

THIS is what distracted me!!! See the wording on the picture? DISTRICT 12. As in...THE HUNGER GAMES! They're filming in the town I used to work in, and my friend Laura snapped this picture. I am now plotting on a time/day I can go stalk the set  stroll around casually STALK THE SET.

9:54: ...annnnd back to work.

10:00: OK, seriously this time, back to work.

10:10: I love it when my editor makes a note about how much she likes a certain scene. :)

10:32: Got distracted when getting another drink. The boys are watching HUMAN CENTIPEDE. There's no hope for them.

10:33: YAY! I finally got the email all the other authors are getting that says, basically "I'm your biggest fan, now can you please send me a free signed copy of your book?" I feel like I'm in the cool club! ;)

(In related news, if you'd like a signed book, you can order one here. But...uh...I can't afford to just pass them out like candy. Them suckers get expensive over time.)

10:57: DUDE. I've gotten so distracted!!! But I found this awesome Etsy shop--and in particular, this item--and...*sigh* I told you the internet was my distraction!

11:23: Crap. Yeah. Getting offline....NOW.

11:30: Back online. But for legitimate research purposes! Researching...a toilet. (Seriously)

12:06: See? This is the dangers of researching toilets. One things leads to another and a half hour has passed and *sigh*. Internet, you are evil.

12:26: INTERNET YOU ARE EVIL. *disconnect*

12:35: Nearly 20 pages edited! Woot!

12:43: It's the little words that make me stumble. It's dithering between "viciously" or some other adverb that leads me away from the document. If I can't decide immediately on whether or not to change (or in what way to change) the manuscript, I trip off to the interwebs.

1:10: Oh, hello WALL. Let me just go ahead and CRASH into you.

1:36: I think I've got a way to insert this particular scene from one chapter into another, but... *I feel like I'm playing Operation*

2:10: I'm at the 150 page mark in the manuscript--not bad, but not great. Still, more than I'd done in one sitting before!!

2:17: Yup, I'm calling it a night. Sort of. I'm going to take off to watch Alfred Hitchcock's THE BIRDS--it's for research, I swear!

PS: Comments are greatly welcomed and fill me with joy!
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