Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Last night was pretty scary.

Just as we were going to bed, the whole house lit up with lightning--it was as bright as day for several seconds. I rushed to the door and called the dogs inside. Just in time--moments later, hail and thunder and lightning rained down on us--hard. The power flickered, then died. Lightning lit up the sky--well over a dozen lightning bolts a minute--and the sky turned strange colors--pink, beige, a weird bright blue-green color. My husband and I listened for tornadoes; we made a hasty plan for shelter.

The storm lasted over an hour. In the end, several power lines broke and poles snapped. Dozens of trees fell. And tragedy struck.

It was a bad storm--and yet, tiny compared to the damage in Alabama and other parts of the south. Compared to Japan. Compared to other disasters around the world.

My previous post is also on the storms and what we can do to help. I was going to post something different today. But, given the weird blue-green sky in the middle of the night and lightning that is both beautiful and terrifying, and twins who will never graduate...well, I figured it was worth it to spend one more day not forgetting the terror of nature and the mercy of humans.

And don't forget: if you can, help out the victims.
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