Friday, April 2, 2010

Live-Blogging: Revisions, This time with Meaning!

The gloves are on. You know, the ones Jodi made me that I featured here. They make me feel all writerly and cool.

And I need to feel all writerly. Because tonight is poker night. Which means my husband has all his buddies over, and they spend all night playing poker or gaming on the XBox. Which means I hole myself up in my office, put on my writerly gloves, and force myself to work all night. Past live-blogging on revisions can be found here and here  and here and here.

How will it go? Stay tuned to find out!

9:42: Got a full glass of SunDrop, my gloves are on, my laptop is charged, and I'm ready to go!

9:55: OK, I've got pretzels to go with the SunDrop, and am NOW ready to go.

9:56: It worries me a bit that some of you might not know what SunDrop is. It's a bit localized. Do any of you not know of the glorious Southern soda?

10:11: I was going to post about how well I'm doing, but then realized I was only on page five.

10:16: The poker buddies wanted to see my article in Publisher's Weekly (they didn't believe my husband). You SO know I hoped up for that!!!

10:22: My friend Heather chatted me up :)

10:27: Jemi didn't know what SunDrop was, which gave me an excuse to look up a pic of it. Basically, it's like Mountain Dew, but better.

10:44: I'm on page six. SIX. I'm going to need more pretzels and SunDrop.

10:53: I won't lie. I went in for chocolate. Don't look at me like that. The Easter bunny came early.

10:55: Distracted by Twitter and chat....Hey, Heather, they're playing our song! I guess that's a hint to get back to work...

11:02: A hint I completely ignored. OK, going back to work!

11:18: The chocolate's not cutting it. I'm going in for ice cream! (By the way: I'm still on Chapter One. See why I need ice cream?)

11:57: I am fully recharged an ready to re-enter the fray! To prove to you how serious I am, I've got "Defying Gravity" playing on repeat. That's right. I mean bizness.

12:10: Heckyeah. The ice cream worked.

12:21: Woot! Woot! Finished chapter 1!!! OK, so I highlighted two spots to go back to, but still--mostly done chapter 1!

12:36: See that wall? That one, right there? I HIT IT.

1:02: Thank God for

1:13: Oh, hello Chapter 4. *bats eyelashes*

1:24:  Hey, Chapter 4. Remember all those nice things I said about you? I TAKE IT ALL BACK I HATE YOU AND YOU'RE MEAN AND YOUR MOTHER SMELLS OF ELDERBERRIES.


2:13: Fine. FINE. Chapter 4, you win. FOR NOW.

2:14: Bed.
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