Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Royal Book Giveaway!

I missed Princess Diana's wedding. On account of not having yet having been born, but still. I wanted to see this shiz! And I missed it!!!!!

You may or may not have heard (it's been on the news a teeny, tiny bit) but there is another royal wedding happening.


(By "be there," I mean: "be on my couch watching BBCA on television" but THE CONCEPT IS ESSENTIALLY THE SAME.)

(sort of)

ANYWAY, the point is: I am staying up for this wedding. I know it is going to be aired like all day, and I know I could just TiVo this shiz, but I. Do. Not. Care. I am GOING to be watching this NO MATTER WHAT.

Now, coincidentally...I happened to also get a big box recently of the UK version of my book. It looks like this:

And it is paperback, not hardback, but the inside is still the same (what with being English and all) and I think it's pretty cool to see a foreign version.

But I have more of these than I need.

So, I thought to I have a stack of UK versions of my book...and here's this big UK wedding going on....let's combine the two!

I have available to give away SIX signed copies of the UK version of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE. I also have a whole stack of brand-new-shiny bookmarks and pin buttons to give away. Let's let my dog model the goods:

He was so unimpressed by the whole situation.

The bookmarks are black with the ship logo in shiny silver.
They don't photograph well, but they are GORGEOUS.
How do you win? Well, if you check out the television schedule (here's the one from BBCA) you'll see that the wedding doesn't actually happen until 3:00 am Eastern Standard Time. That' And I'm not 100% sure I can make it.

In order to enter for one signed copy of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE plus signed bookmarks and a pin button, leave a comment in this post telling me what time you think I will crash. I do plan on drinking coffee and Red Bull, but I get notoriously grumpy the longer I go without sleep, so I honestly don't know when I will throw in the towel and just go to bed.

  • Post your guess as to what time I'll fall asleep in the comments to this post.
  • All times are assumed EST--let's not mess with time zones, people, my math is bad.
  • The contest IS open internationally.
  • If two people guess the same time, the person who guessed the right time first wins.
  • I'm going to post a comment to this as an example for you.
  • You must enter your time guess before 9:00pm on Thursday, EST. I plan on starting to watch the BBCA coverage around then, so post your guess before then.
  • Only one guess per person.
  • Remember: be specific! If you say 4:30ish, I'm counting that as 4:30...but 4:32 would beat that if I actually crash at 4:35.

But there are FIVE more copies of the book to give away! To win one of those five books, stay up with me!! I am going to be on Twitter all night long, tweeting about the awesomeness of the royal wedding. (I will also, btw, be writing then, if you hate royal weddings, why not spend the night writing or reading with me instead?) Anyway, all night long (until I crash) I am going to be tweeting...and occassionaly, I'm going to tweet something like "The first person to tell me what they think of Kate's dress wins a copy of AtU!" or "The fifth person to @reply me wins a copy!" Stuff like that. So, to enter for this, all you have to do is follow me on Twitter and play along! 

Enter! Now! Just leave a guess of when you think I'll crash now in the comments...and then start drinking coffee and play along with me on Twitter Thursday night/Friday morning!

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