Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spreading the Awesome: Doing the Write Thing

I was going to continue my "Spread the Awesome" week with a cool music video, but yanno? That's kinda weak compared to what I'm going to post about today.


Why isn't this in the news more? I--like most of you, I'm sure--was aware of the Do the Write Thing charity YA authors have set up to raise funds for Nashville after a devastating flood in early May. But, to be honest, I wasn't that chuffed about it. A flood in Nashville? I heard about it, heard it was bad, but didn't really think it was that bad.

Then I saw this video:

And I realized: we need to not brush this aside. We need to face it--and do something.

So today's Awesome? Spreading the news about Nashville. If you haven't yet, please post something. And go to the Do the Write Thing auction, going on now, that's nearly raised $9,000 so far and is still offering some kick-butt prizes that include agent crits, signed books, cool swag, and more. (And be sure to check this out: THE Miss Snark is in on the voting, and Killer Yapp's looking for a win!)

So: bid! Donate! Post about it! Because today's Spread the Awesome is about spreading how awesome our community is--and we're pretty darn awesome.
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